M-Sport Announces The All New Fiesta Rally3


M-Sport's Ford Fiesta Rally3 Car is launched

The all-new M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 is the first car built for the FIA’s Rally3 category, completing M-Sport’s ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ and the FIA Rally Pyramid.

Rally3 is a new category of rally car created to provide an accessible and affordable first step on the four-wheel drive ladder to be used on national, regional and world-level rallies.

Watch the launch video here

The Fiesta Rally3 marks a new era for M-Sport – the first and so far, only manufacturer to offer a car for every tier of the FIA Rally Pyramid. The cost-effective four-wheel drive Fiesta Rally3 was designed and developed in M-Sport Poland’s state of the art facility in Krakow, Poland.

The M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 is undergoing an intense development programme on a variety of surfaces and conditions across Europe, using a unique cross section of world class drivers.

A clear set of targets and standards have now been identified for the Fiesta Rally3 to establish unrivalled reliability. The most notable target is the homologation date; M-Sport Poland will homologate the first ever Rally3 car on 1st March 2021.
Ford Fiesta Rally 3 gravel testing

The M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 will be available for €99,999 excluding VAT and registration costs. In anticipation of the popularity of the Rally3 category, production is already underway in Krakow and deposits for first orders will be accepted from 16th November.

This offers customers the opportunity to take delivery of their Fiesta Rally3 from the date of homologation and begin their Rally3 championship campaigns just in time for the start of the 2021 season.

For further enquiries please contact: Rally3CarSales@m-sport.co.uk

A 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine will power the Fiesta Rally3, giving it a distinctive sound, combined with aggressive looks thanks to bonnet vents and a rear wing that provide as much function as they do form.

The all-new Fiesta Rally3 weighs in at 1210kg with a power output of 215BHP and 400Nm of torque from the 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine all transmitted through a five-speed sequential gearbox.

Reaching 100km/h in just five seconds and a top speed of 185km/h the M-Sport Fiesta Rally3 provides the perfect transition step for the next generation of rally drivers looking to cut their teeth in four-wheel drive machinery.

M-Sport’s Fiesta Rally3 is sprung by three-way adjustable dampers front and rear using 17-inch and 15-inch rims for tarmac and gravel respectively.

It was important to M-Sport to begin work on the Fiesta Rally3 as soon as draft regulations were available, underlining M-Sport’s commitment to supporting drivers around the world from grassroots to greatness on the world stage.

With such a broad spectrum of drivers in mind M-Sport Poland has ensured the testing programme reflects this by using a truly diverse selection of drivers from world championship veterans to those new to four-wheel drive machinery.
Interior of Ford Fiesta Rally 3 Car

Maciej Woda, M-Sport Poland Director: “I am very happy with how things are progressing with the Fiesta Rally3. Every time I see the development car, I feel very proud of the entire team that is working tirelessly and has been throughout 2020 on this truly ground-breaking car.

In what has been a very difficult year for everybody, the team at Krakow are excelling themselves with the Fiesta Rally3, not letting anything get in the way of design and development.

I want to say a huge congratulations and thank you to everybody contributing to this project so far. The Fiesta Rally3 and the collective effort going into its creation embodies everything that M-Sport exists for: providing every opportunity to the next generation of drivers.

The Fiesta Rally3 will by no means be an alternative to any car that is out there currently, it will be a brand-new concept serving what has been a very underserved area of rallying. It will be the perfect steppingstone for those graduating from two-wheel to four-wheel drive, allowing drivers to learn and refine the skills needed to handle four-wheel drive machinery which is a massive step for any driver.

Since early talks about the concept of Rally3, we have all been quite excited about the potential of this category. The cost cap was a key sticking point for us, and I feel €99,999 will be a very good price point for an entry level four-wheel drive car, especially for national and regional rally championships around the world.”