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Thierry Neuville's seven workout Routines

Belgian Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville reveals secrets behind his rise to the top.

WRC Driver Thierry Neuville Exercising

Thierry Neuville has been competing in the FIA World Rally Championship since 2009 with three second-place title finishes so knows a thing or two about how to prepare himself for the global calendar across ever changing conditions and perilous surfaces.

Here are seven workouts that he uses to keep on top when he isn't storming to speed test wins in his Hyundai i20 with co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul:

- Endurance

Jump on and off a tyre, while stretching your arms using elastic strap resistance. Two sets of 20 reps. Trains endurance, arm and leg coordination and precision as Neuville can't look down at the pedals as he's driving.

- Resistance

Controlled movement of a weighted steering wheel, while sitting in a racing seat. Four times 20 reps. Neuville strengthens his back muscles through the resistance of the cable weights. He also trains grip and strength in his arms during steering movements.

Rally Driver exercises

- Core

Planking on a car tyre and controlled rolling from left to right. Four times 20 reps. Training abs is always a good idea, as it gives balance and builds strength through the whole body. While driving, much of the force Neuville puts out goes through his shoulders.

- Responsiveness

Catch tennis balls while holding a weight and looking straight ahead. Four times 30 seconds. Neuville does this workout while balancing on an exercise ball for an extra challenge. This is how Neuville trains the speed of his reactions and practises picking up details in his peripheral vision while training his shoulder muscles too

- Speed

Rotate a special device – the power loop – while balancing on a car tyre. At home, you can use two small weights. Two times 90 seconds. Neuville trains the speed of his arms and balance with this special device. Resistance can also be built in.

Thierry Neuville exercising with a rally tyre

- Vision

Neuville uses a trainer with lights he must tap when they come on. It can be set to flash at different speeds and colours. If you want to try at home, stick numbered post-it notes to a wall and having someone call the numbers. Three times 50 correct touches. This trains responsiveness and peripheral vision as Neuville keeps looking straight ahead as well as training his hand-eye coordination, which is very important when racing.

- Balance

While balancing on an exercise ball, bend and stretch your left leg, hold a weight at steering height and turn it like a steering wheel. Two large elastics give resistance. Four times 30 seconds. By stretching his left leg, Neuville trains his crucial braking leg.

- The 29-year-old revealed: "Rally driving takes a lot out of your body. That's why it's really important to be in top shape. If I am haring down a dirt track at 140kph, cutting the bends perfectly and making jumps that are dozens of metres long, I must keep control at all times. Focus, alertness and responsiveness are extremely important. I need lightning-fast reactions, because every 10th of a second can make the difference!"

There's an Interview with Thierry Neuville's Co Driver Nicolas Gilsoul here.

Photo's: Red Bull Content Pool