Sebastien Loeb Leaves Hyundai World Rally Team To Drive Prodrive Rally Raid

Sebastien Loeb in the Cockpit of Hyundai World Rally Car the team which he has now lest

 Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena and Hyundai have come to the end a of a two year agreement which won't be renewed into next years World Rally Championship. 

He will now be heading to Prodrive, where it is expected that he will be testing David Richards latest project and drive in the Dakar Rally.

This could be great news for Craig Breen as he looks likely to take part in more rallies for the South Korean team.

Sébastien Loeb said: Here we are at the end of the adventure with Hyundai Motorsport - and what an adventure it has been! 

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity they gave me during these two years by offering me a partial program, totally in line with my expectations, within a very professional team and in a pleasant atmosphere. 

These two years have passed extremely quickly - this one having also been cut by several months as a result of the pandemic - but they will have marked part of my career, and with another manufacturer title success to which I contributed. 

For me, Hyundai Motorsport gave me the best WRC car I have ever driven, and I was glad I could compete at the highest level with the latest generation of WRC cars. 

Now, a new chapter will open in 2021 with Prodrive in Rally Raid but who knows for WRC; neither Hyundai Motorsport nor I want to completely close the book for good.”