Frequently Asked Questions About Rallying

 There are a lot of people who aren't that sure what rallying is all about and they ask all sorts of questions. Please note this is Rally Car Racing information for people new to the sport. 

Questions we get asked frequently or Rally FAQ's.

Q: Are rally cars road legal?
A: Yes they are, other wise they would not be allowed to run on the roads between the timed rally stages they compete on.

Craig Breen on Wales Rally GB in Hyundai i20 WRCar

Q: Are rally cars manual?
A: Yes, they are. Although they don't use a clutch (apart from setting off). They use a gear stick mounted next to the steering wheel (or a paddle) which is connected to a sequential gearbox which is like a motorbike. push forward for up a gear and back for a lower gear (or visa versa).

Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena in car

Q: Are rally cars fwd (front wheel drive)?
A: Some rally cars are fwd others are rear wheel drive (rwd) but the ones you will see on the World Rally Championship or any National Rally series will mostly be four wheel drive.

Q: Are rally lights street legal?
A: It depends where you live but here in the UK you are allowed a certain number of front facing lights but must switch them off when other traffic is around.

Sebastien Ogier drifting round hairpin bend

Q: Why do rally cars drift (slide sideways or oversteer)?
A: It's more of a confidence thing than anything else, especially on gravel. The rally drivers don't know the roads very well and keep the car unbalanced through the corners so that if the corner tightens or grip levels change they can much easier react and turn in without spinning.
If you see them drifting on an asphalt (tarmac, paved) road they are usually using the hand brake to turn as the grip levels are much higher on that surface.

That's it for now but come back later when we receive more rally questions.